CYLAND Participates in the NOVA XX Exhibition in Brussels

CYLAND MediaArtLab participates in the NOVA XX exhibition, taking place in Brussels December 9-30, 2017. This event is dedicated to innovation by women in technology, science and art at the dawn of the Fourth industrial revolution / 4.0. NOVA XX include an exhibition of 9 installations by artists from Brussels and elsewhere in Europe, as well as a presentation of 7 Brussels Start-ups, and four presentations on different themes.


In total, the festival will showcase the work of some 16 female geniuses. 16 entrepreneurs at the top of their respective hybrid fields of expertise. From art to startups, the works presented during the forum will all pay testament to the participants’ unique research process and desire to innovate.

CYLAND artist Alexandra Dementieva brings to Nova XX “Breathless”, an installation produced together with MediaArtLab. The installation has all the characteristic features of Dementieva’s style such as programmatic interactivity, the aspiration to make the viewer both the protagonist and the  creator of a work, who is indispensable to its existence, and at the same time the absence of pressure on the viewer, who is always given the choice whether to actively interact with a work or to pass by.

Artists, just like scientists and entrepreneurs, explore new horizons. A fundamental aspect of their work is to question their own “state of being”. NOVA XX hopes to contribute to an interdisciplinary approach by facilitating meetings between innovators in different but complementary fields. By addressing younger generations, NOVA XX also seeks to discover new talent and encourage younger women to follow this vocation.

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December 9-30, 2017

Halles Saint-Géry – Agora bruxelloise 1, Place Saint-Géry 1000 Bruxelles