CYLAND Participates at the International Vilnius Light Festival

CYLAND MediaArtLab takes part in Beepositive, the international light festival held on October 1, 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Beepositive International Vilnius Light Festival

Beepositive is a lighting design and installation festival, held every year since 2011 in autumn,on the first weekend of October in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is a one of a kind cultural festival, which attracts more than 11 000 people per day. The festival has its own unique creative workshops, educational and cultural programs, craft markets and other attractions suitable for everyone – children and adults. Over 50 light installations and around 20 other activities are opened for guests.

The festival will feature the “Movie Mincer” installation by Sergey Teterin and CYLAND MediaArtLab, in which an old soviet mincer is used as a laptop-connected device to manually generated video streams. The “Movie Mincer” allows to show motion pictures by turning the mincer’s handle reviving and paroding the atmosphere of the first performances from the very dawn of cinema era.

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