CYLAND Participates at the Arts Work of the Future Programme at Tate Modern

March 6—11, 2018, CYLAND MediaArtLab participates at the Arts Work of the Future event programme at Tate Modern. Together with the Digital Maker Collective and invited guest contributors/makers from across the globe, we will share our experience in exploring the role of technology in the arts, questioning and re-thinking its impact in our lives.

In collaboration with the Digital Maker Collective, CYLAND MediaArtLab pivots off the benefits of engaging and involving an audience through various experimental facets. By stepping away from traditional art forums and into environments such as Tate Exchange, CYLAND MediaArtLab can fully provide an engaged and technologically vast creative venture.

During the event, CYLAND MediaArtLab presents Holo Sapiens, an interactive installation rethinking virtual and physical space. Created by Ksenia Galkina, Dmitry Akhmediev, Leonid Gavrilov during the Art-A-Hack™ for CYFEST11, the installation reflects on what it means to convert oneself into a hologram and, subsequently, communicate with it.

Holo Sapiens at CYFEST11, February 2018

Visitors are welcomed into the Tate Exchange space by a mock hologram of a talking cyborg, providing an overview of what is happening on the floor. Alongside the relaxed welcome area you are invited to get hands on by helping us what Arts Work of the Future means, through exploring & questioning automation and technology.

The Digital Maker Collective and invited guest contributors/makers from across the globe will transform Tate Exchange into a large public tech innovation studio, a space to get hands-on with technology exploration and rapid prototyping, and discover new forms of collaborative digital making experimentation.

Arts Work of the Future will include:

  • Two open innovation tech incubators: located on either side of the Tate Exchange. Each incubator includes an open studio, drop-in style working spaces, as well as a larger programmed space where tech workshops, experiments and debates will be showcased and performed throughout the week.
  • Incubator One: Are Humans Sustainable? Explores the potential of the human species to survive and thrive within new technological environments.
  • Incubator Two: What is the future of interaction? Rethink virtual and physical space with interactive audio and visual projects.
  • Practice as Research Wall: A place to map progress throughout the week.
  • Un-conference Space: Will technology enslave us or save us? (public led debates).
  • Welcome Area & Bionic Art Student: Help us build the Six Million Dollar Bionic Art Student of the future, ‘we have the technology’.

Throughout the week, you will have the opportunity to engage in digital making, co-creation and open innovation and question the positive and negative impacts of technology in our lives, and help make a difference to society.

For more information and details of the week-long programme please visit: and the #artsworkofthefuture hashtag.

This event has been programmed by Digital Maker Collective, a Tate Exchange Associate.


Tate Exchange

Blavatnik Building, Level 5

Date & Time

March 6—11, 2018 | 12:00–18:00