CYLAND Organized Artist Talk with Filippo Minelli

On July 12, 2016 CYLAND MediaArtLab co-hosted an artist talk with Filippo Minelli. The event organized together with the NCCA Saint Peteresburg took place at the White Hall of the TAIGA Space.

Filippo Minelli

Filippo Minelli is an Italian performance artist. Since 2009 Minelli “shells” nature with colored smoke bombs, which grow in the air into mystical  creatures. As an artist who came out of the protest and graffiti- art scene, Minelli decontextualizes clouds  of tear gas and converts them back into the rich of color artifacts. Minelli’s artistic research has reached a  high degree of synthesis and concentration that combines mastery of the aesthetic codes with language  awareness and the ability to express complex content.

Current series Silence / Shapes is the experiment of giving physical shape to silence. Basically, he makes  such performances in the mountains, lakes, or in vacant buildings. This project was presented in the genre of  photography.

Crossing Borders / Crossing Boundaries — Filippo Minelli Invitation from Street Art Museum on Vimeo.

In 2015 CYLAND MediaArtLab team has introduced a course of lectures and workshops on art and technology at the TAIGA Space in St. Petersburg. Since then their popularity gave us confidence in providing an educational platform to share thoughts and gain experience from artists, critics, curators, coders, engineers and media activists. You can learn more about these activities at the dedicated page.