CYLAND Organises a Special Event for the CYFEST-12 in Venice

CYLAND MediaArtLab in collaboration with the Center of Studies of Russian Art, has requested a VAM laboratory in Kineofilm, to be performed within the space that they are managing as part of CYFEST-12. Visitors to the exhibition will be actively involved in the performance ID. ART: TECH EXHIBITION that will be concerned with the concept of individual and multiple identities within each of us.


The Kineo association was founded in 1995 by Ipotesi Cinema – the informal cinema school founded by Italian film director and screenwriter Ermanno Olmi – as the European Research Center on Audiovisual Communication and since then has been engaged in the study of audiovisual language and the best pedagogical forms to transmit it. Over 30 years of experimentation in this area have led to the codification of methodologies such as “the memory station” and the “shared listening technique”. The last outpost of the Association is the VAM (Multisensory Video Literacy), thanks to which Kineo received the patronage of UNESCO in 2012 for its expertise in combating video illiteracy and strengthening the Charter of International Communication Rights.

The VAM is therefore characterized as a laboratory to conduct experiments in differing fields, as it is a research on communication that investigates reality; starting with listening to the interested subjects. It creates a space, and a new technique every time, to stimulate dialogue between the conductors and the participants, and to build relationships aimed at personal and collective understanding: the audiovisual media and the related performative exercises are exploited to probe the knowledge of oneself and of other people.