Developed by CYLAND MediaArtLab, 2008
Idea by Anna Frants and Marina Koldobskaya
Programming by Oleg Rodionov
Hardware by Mikhail Chernov
Helmet design by Olga Rostorosta


Viewer moves through the exhibition hall in a helmet with wireless video glasses. Motion sensors are embedded into helmet. Glasses and sensors are connected with computer by radio signal. Sensors catch velocity of viewer’s movement and send signals by wireless network to a computer, where they transform into psychedelic visual pattern. Faster moves the viewer (walks, swirls, dances) , stronger the psychedelic trip.

MARINA KOLDOBSKAYA, CO-AUTHOR OF THE PROJECT: Cyberart creates toys or games, at a pinch. For the majority of contemporary artists, preoccupied by the quest for the meaning of life, downfall of the empire, reconstruction of society and conversations with the Most High, this activity seems thoughtless and unworthy for the serious artist. Actually, there is nothing more important than game. Homo ludens, “man playing” – that was the definition of our essence as a species by  Johan Huizinga. While creating a cyber object, we concentrate on technology (how to make it spin, at last) and release our creative consciousness to work by itself, to fly under autopilot. Then we become amazed by result, archetypical by appearance and essence. Like it was created not by you, but appeared by itself. Anyhow, it couldn’t be created if you are setting yourself as an artist.

For example: we needed to fill the database for drumpainting project – just to run the program. In haste, I made a heap of blots, lines and spots. And we got a system for automatic generation of abstract expressionism. Any shot could be put on the wall without a shame anywhere. Painters can rest.

Another example: we needed to provide an obvious connection between movements of an explorer in a helmet and an image in a video glasses. Decided to depict flights of a shaman in altered worlds. Oleg Rodionov (he is not officially an artist), programmed some balls and trails. Flights happened. You can save on weed.