CYLAND Makes a Live Feed from Il Picchetto Solitario in Venice

May 11 at 11:00 (GMT+2), CYLAND MediaArtLab will make a live video feed from the “Solitary Picket” by Katya Bochavar and Sergei Katran. The live feed will be available from

An event in the open air where participants can express what’s on their minds in a solitary picket, and also discover what it’s like to be an object put up for public view. In itself, a picket is a political act, and in Venice the performance will take place on the Square of the Seven Martyrs, which looks symbolic. The event was not agreed on with the curators of the biennale and will lie on the organizers’ conscience.

Katya Bochavar Venice

Il Picchetto Solitario, or the Solitary Picket, is the initiative of two artists and curators, Katya Bochavar and Sergei Katran, who create a situation when the artist is free to realize an idea outside of situations and rules.

The solitary picket is an artistic act, in which each artist can express themselves artistically in the form of a performance or other similar media.

The picket starts at 11 a.m. on the 11th of May. Registration will take place by the Gardini vaparetto stop near the Rostral Column. To take part in the picket, you need to register as a participant, look the project’s initiators in the eyes and take your place in the sun or the rain.


Photos by Ludmila Belova