CYLAND Interactive Audio Archive Presented at Archstoyanie

CYLAND Audio Archive curators Sergey Komarov and Vlad Dobrovolski presented an interactive sound art installation at the annual International Festival of landscape objects Archstoyanie in Nikola-Lenivets taking place from July 25 to 27, 2014.

Archstoyanie is a unique project offering a new approach to the development of territories and represents the idea of ​​interaction with the landscape through creative practice and contemporary art.

For many years our team has been working on the possibilities of exhibiting sound art, experimenting and making conclusions. Our goals with Audio Archive are to create an expandable collection of contemporary and early sound experiments and to represent them along with other art forms. The project is open for sound artists and exhibition spaces, which we are going to prove at Archstoyanie.

Krypta developed by CYLAND Audio Archive curators Sergey Komarov and Vlad Dobrovolski for the festival represents an interactive audio storage of 12 cells, each containing a unique sonic material. It is played upon removing the cell from the wall. The sound of each cell can be played repeatedly, if the cell is open, resulting in a complex sound collage.