CYLAND Hosts Performance and Artist Talk with Abigail Donovan and Thomas Hughes

On December 14, 2016 CYLAND MediaArtLab and NCCA Saint Petersburg hosted performance and artist talk with Abigail Donovan and Thomas Hughes at the White Hall of the TAIGA Space.


Performance artist Abigail Donovan and engineer, inventor Thomas Hughes from the USA using a variety of electronic and optical technologies provide  resonating experiential spaces, situational compositions, representing the imperfect approximations of the universe as a whole.

In the NCCA Art residence in Kronstadt in December 2016 Abigail Donovan and Thomas Hughes continue to work in this direction and create media installation “Yesterday Has Not Been Born Yet” (the title is a quotation from an essay by Osip Mandelstam, “The Word and Culture”).

In December 2011 at the NCCA Art residence in Kronstadt  Donovan and  Hughes within “The 181” art collective  worked on and presented  the project “Rings of the continents”:

Abigail Donovan (b.1969) is a performance and media artist. Member of “The 181” art collective. Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at the Department of Art and Design of the University of Delaware (USA).  Graduated Swarthmore College (Philadelphia, USA) and Cranbrook Academy of Art (Michigan, USA).

Thomas Hughes (b.1967) is an engineer and inventor. Member of “The 181” art collective. Ph.D. in Physics. He graduated from the University of Oregon and the University of Maine (USA). Areas of special interest include physics and electronics education, artistic electrical, optical, and mechanical engineering, embedded controllers and assembly programming languages.

In 2015 CYLAND MediaArtLab team has introduced a course of lectures and workshops on art and technology at the TAIGA Space in St. Petersburg. Since then their popularity gave us confidence in providing an educational platform to share thoughts and gain experience from artists, critics, curators, coders, engineers and media activists. You can learn more about these activities at the dedicated page.