CYLAND Hosted Talk on Media Poetry with Natalia Fedorova

Natalia Fedorova, artist and associate professor at Smolny College, spoke on Media Poetry at CYLAND Educational Program on April 24 at the Taiga in St. Petersburg. Media Poetry is a form of electronic literature, displaying a wide range of approaches to poetry, with a prominent and crucial use of computers.


Digital computers allow the creation of art that spans different media: text, images, sounds, and interactivity via programming. Contemporary poetry have, therefore, taken advantage of this toward the creation of works that synthesize both arts and media. Whether a work is poetry or visual art or music or programming is sometimes not clear, but intense engagement with language is highly expected in poetical works.


Together with sound artist Taras Mashtalir Natalia Fedorova presented Machine Libertine, a Media Poetry group. The main principles of the it are formulated in their Machine Poetry Manifesto pointing out the idea of liberation of the machines from the routine tasks and increasing the intensity of their use for creative and educational practices.