CYLAND Hosted Artist Talk with Shreepad Joglekar in St. Petersburg


On June 7, 2016 CYLAND MediaArtLab co-hosted an artist talk with Shreepad Joglekar. The event organized together with the NCCA Saint Peteresburg took place at the White Hall of the TAIGA Space.

Shreepad Joglekar is a photographer and video artist from Mumbai, India. Assistant  Professor of Photography at Kansas State University, USA. Now he is working on a  project at the NCCA Art residence in Kronstadt. The main topic of his artistic research is built and natural environments. “I am  fascinated about how a specific geographic environment shapes the society and how the  cultural and social forces shape the surrounding environment”.


Shreepad Joglekar presented his photo and video works on the theme of migration, and also some works of key contemporary artists that influenced his work. The lecture and following discussion was in English with translation into Russian.

In 2015 CYLAND MediaArtLab team has introduced a course of lectures and workshops on art and technology at the TAIGA Space in St. Petersburg. Since then their popularity gave us confidence in providing an educational platform to share thoughts and gain experience from artists, critics, curators, coders, engineers and media activists. You can learn more about these activities at the dedicated page.