CYLAND Featured at the Music of the Present

CYLAND Audio Archive curators Sergey Komarov and Vlad Dobrovolski spoke on sound art and technologies at the Music of the Present forum in St. Petersburg. Held from June 21 through 29, 2015 at the Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG 21) the forum brings together some of the most important modern sound and music practices, while each of the eight days of the forum gives an idea of a particular methods in contemporary music.

Among the forum events are concerts, exhibitions, master classes, workshops, covering almost every field of contemporary sound practices.

This day also featured CYBERFEST artist Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov presenting his prominent DIY instruments and developments in the field of electronic sound.

Talk on CYLAND Audio Archive activities and explorations of the possibilities of exhibiting and archiving sound art through virtual and gallery spaces followed by performance from CAA artists Kurvenschreiber and ::vtol::.