CYLAND Artists Perform as Kurvenschreiber Collective at the SHIFT Event

October 20, 2017, CYLAND MediaArtLab artists Sergey Komarov and Alexey Grachev perform as Kurvenschreiber at the SHIFT event in Moscow. Hosted by Synthposium, the SHIFT series of events explore new forms of experimental and dance cultures, and audiovisual music. This guideline well reflects Kurvenscheriber’s aspirations in transporting analog electronic music away from the rather sterile, academic environment to which it has become accustomed, and opened technology up to the possibility of spontaneous interaction with live performers. The collective has radically reclaimed their synthesizers for spontaneity and exploited the tendency of analogue models of their instruments to betray reasonable expectations and stay between control and accident.

Kurvenschreiber live at the Geometry of Now in Moscow, February 2017

The SHIFT will begin at 8 PM, October 20 at the Platon factory (Artplay cultural centre, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya 8A, Moscow). For tickets and information please visit