CYLAND Artists Participate in GEOMETRY OF NOW in Moscow

February 24, CYLAND artists Sergey Komarov and Alexey Grachev participate in GEOMETRY OF NOW, an investigation of sound through site-specific interventions in the space of the former GES-2 power station in Moscow. The project featured a series of installations reclaiming the raw structures within GES-2, an interdisciplinary lecture and workshop programme developed around topics in sound art studies and performances that reconfigure its architectural space.


Three of the core Kurvenschreiber members are Sergey Komarov, Ilya Sadovsky and Vladislav Dobrovolski. For G—O—N show they met Alexey Grachev on quadraphonic mix, FX and percussion.

Sound artists are interested in transporting analog electronic music away from the rather sterile, academic environment to which it has become accustomed, and opened technology up to the possibility of spontaneous interaction with live performers. Kurvenschreiber sound is a link between anodyne analogue electronics and Tsiolkovskiy’s ideas of atomism.

The trio has radically reclaimed their synthesizers for spontaneity. Exploiting the tendency of analogue models of their instruments to betray reasonable expectations, they runs tightropes between control and accident. Collaborators are liable to find themselves on untried ground, dependent upon sharp reflexes and tangential intuitions.

Date & Time

February 24, 2017 | Late Evening Programme (23:00-06:00)


GES-2, Moscow, Bolotnaya nab. 2