CYLAND Artist Ivan Govorkov Joins the International Conference on the Art of Performance

June 2, CYLAND MediaArtLab artist and collaborator Ivan Govorkov will speak at the international conference dedicated to the new forms of performance art, hosted at the Imperial Academy of Art in St. Petersburg.

At the conference, Ivan Govorkov will share his experience in working and performing with technology and present “Patterns of the Mind”, a multimedia project in collaboration with Daniil Frants. Not a sketch, painted canvas, nor a performance “Patterns of the Mind” is a hybrid between graphics, easel painting and action in the spirit of Abstract Expressionism or Late Surrealism. Drawn live by Ivan Govorkov in the exhibition space, viewers experience the composition alongside the artist as it comes from hand in 2D and is translated into 3D by accomplished technology teen wonder Daniil Frants.

Patterns of the Mind ON MY WAY Exhibition Opening

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