Installation, dimensions variable

Windsocks, fans, programming, RSS feed analysis

Engineering: Alexey Grachev

Computer programming: Sergey Komarov


By analyzing the mention of each selected country in mass media of the capitals (Moscow, Washington, Peking, Brussels, London), the artists are drawing forth the map of foreign-policy relations at the current time. They unify the number of mentions in the press of a particular country at a certain moment of time into a common algorithm, and they use fans and wind socks to demonstrate the chart of this information.

For instance, if the Chinese mass-media sources show the greatest number of mentions of Russia, then the wind sock installed on the conditional “map of the world” at the “Peking point” turns into the direction of “Moscow point”. And if in London, during this stretch of time, the chief concern was about the relationship with Washington, then the wind pennant turns in the direction of conditional “Washington”. In this fashion, the map of political interests will resemble a helicopter pad blown over by various winds with multidirectional wind socks.

The viewer will be able to observe how the political atmosphere among major countries-players changes in real time.