A huge number of connected events that our brains are unable to fully comprehend happens in the world with every second. Each process has its own temporary variable.

Just like in the technosphere, where the time is unified. When was the last time you have to adjust the clock on your computer or another electronic gadget?

The installation is intended to show that the seemingly identical things might be different from each other, being detached from the global tempo. Four identical portable players with the audio files of the same length are run simultaneously and synchronously at first glance. But after some time internal clocks diverge and create the real-time groove.



Alexey Grachev

Sound artist, engineer, computer programmer. Born in 1983 in Kaluga, USSR. Graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia). Completed the program “School for Young Artists” at the Pro Arte Foundation (St. Petersburg, Russia). Artist, technical director and chief engineer of CYLAND MediaArtLab. Participant of the World Event Young Artists Festival (Nottingham, Great Britain, 2012), Cyfest Festivals, special project Urbi et Orbi at the 6th Moscow Biennale (Russia, 2015), The Creative Machine 2 (Goldsmiths, Great Britain, 2018). Participant of The Arts Work of the Future (Tate Exchange, UK, 2018). Since 2015, together with Sergey Komarov, he has developed the sound project Subjectivization of Sound whose basis is the interaction with space and spectators. Lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.