Sound installation



“Sound installation The Queue by Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov is filled with the hum of voices coming from the hanging string bags (called avos’ka in Russian). If you listen to them carefully, you’d realize you’re listening to people queuing for bread in the besieged city. The avos’ka bag is a perfect symbol of the period. It’s very name deriving from the Russian adverb avos’ – “hopefully”, “just in case” hints to positive expectations, ‘Hope, I’ll bring something back in this bag.’
However, in the besieged city one wouldn’t make the food they’ve acquired visible to other people’s eyes. A string bag filled with air and void in the installation “The Line” is an image of all-encompassing hunger. Mundane conversations about “nothing” hiding the main message: how to stay alive, add to the feeling of despair and, at the same time, hope”.
Lyudmila Belova, curator of “Silent Voices” exhibition, 2017