Programming and robotics by Filipp Avetisov, Christopher Palmer
Sound by Gaika Shirokova, Alexander Kraskin

Technical outline


Anna Frants’ «Live cam Renaissance» incorporates а footage in real time and constructed soundscapes to explore the idea of live video streams as a building material for creative construction in the digital age.

In collaboration with

See also: 9th CYBERFEST Exhibition in Berlin, October 2015

Installation view: the exhibition entitled “Personal Space #1” opened on September 30, 2015 at the Youth Educational Center of the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg. “Personal Space #1” begins a series of exhibitions by the artists reflecting on the phenomenon of habituation and love for inanimate.


Live Cam Renaissance by Anna Frants, 2015 2
Live Cam Renaissance by Anna Frants, 2015 1
“Live Cam Renaissance” by Anna Frants
Installation view: Patterns of the Mind / CONVERGENCE, London 2016
Photo by Heiko Prigge

Anna Frants’ “Live Cam Renaissance” pairs found video footage with live streaming technology. Together, video streams past and present come to fuel 5 individual audio channels. When experienced as one, united soundscape, “Live Cam Renaissance” positions viewers between past and present, disrupting traditional technologies of representation and constructing a unique symphonic soundscape.