Programming by Alexey Grachev, Sergey Komarov

Our entire life is struggle.  It could take form of a simple fight on the boxing arena or be the struggle for daily bread (or vegetable) in the Soviet times when, after a long standing in line at a greengrocer, accompanied by cheerful songs from а loudspeaker, they always strived to short-weight you on the rinky-dink dirty scales with rusty weight pieces.  In this installation, a viewer is given an opportunity to take the situation under control – by moving weights from scale to scale, to change the song, to reach a desired balance and even, possibly, to come off victorious out of the fight with the vendor who, with each withheld gram, undermined the struggling Soviet consumer.

Anna Frants speaks about “Life is Struggle” at the School for Young Artists

Anna Frants

Anna Frants is an internationally known media artist and curator. She graduated from Baron Stieglitz St. Petersburg Academy of Art & Industry and also studied at Pratt Institute School of Advanced Studies in New York.

Anna Frants’ interactive art installations have been exhibited at top venues across the world. Recent highlights from 2009 until the present time include exhibiting in the St. Petersburg Biennial, Moscow Biennial and Polish Biennial, Kuoseino Sato Museum of Contemporary Art (Fukuoka, Japan), The Museum of Art and Design (New York, USA), The State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), Chelsea Art Museum (New York, USA), RSProjects (Berlin, Germany), VAP / Gogolfest (Kiev, Ukraine) and Transmediale (Berlin, Germany) as well as participating in a 17 day expedition to The Arctic Circle with The Farm Foundation of Arts and Sciences.

Frants is represented by Borey Gallery (St. Petersburg, Russia), Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery (Brooklyn, USA & Berlin, Germany) and Barbarian Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland). Her works can be found in collections of Museum of Art and Design (New York, USA), Kolodzei Art Foundation (New York, USA), Sergey Kuryokhin Center for Modern Art (St. Petersburg, Russia) and private collections.