Fans, speakers, projectors, video 12’; edition 1/3 + 2 a.p

Engineering: Alexey Grachev


Keeping Time Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov

«…All men, lions, eagles, and quails, horned stags, geese, spiders, silent fish that inhabit the waves, starfish from the sea, and creatures invisible to the eye—in one word, all the lives, all the lives, all the lives, completing the dreary round imposed upon them, have died out at last.

Thousands of centuries have passed since the earth last bore a living creature on her breast, and the unhappy moon now lights her lamp in vain. No longer are the cries of storks heard in the meadows, or the drone of beetles in the groves of limes. All is cold, cold, cold.

All is void, void, void…»

—A. P. Chekov, «Seagull»