1 03_02_18 — Presentation of Proxima _Hermitage (Photo by Yuri Goryanoy)_2
9 03_02_18 — Presentation of Proxima_Hermitage (Photo by Yuri Goryanoy)_1
2 03_02_18 — Presentation of Proxima _Hermitage (Photo by Yuri Goryanoy)_3

“Abort! Retry! Ignore” at the Youth Educational Centre of the State Hermitage Museum, CYFEST11, 2018

The project is at the junction of net art and found art. An archive of digital images was gathered in the internet by Sergey Komarov. Originally distinct and informative, they have become indistinct with time. The phenomenon’s nature has not been studied thoroughly, but it is known that users that owned the original files tried, in fact, to save them — and, possibly, for good. Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov transferred these images into an old media — the pictures painted with oil on canvas — thus subjecting to destruction the “digit” as a mythologized eternity. Their paintings talk about the problems of storing the digital information that, unlike artifacts of the antiquity, did not even last a single century.