CYFEST-13 Open Call for Multimedia Artists: Results Announcement

Alena Tereshko, Valentina Lutsenko, Vadim Elichev (Russia), Cooing, video installation, 2020

CYLAND Media Art Lab is pleased to announce the results of the Cyfest-13 open call. Festival theme: Cosmos and Chaos.

CYFEST is one of the biggest international festivals of media art in Eastern Europe, founded by a group of independent artists and curators in Saint Petersburg in 2007. CYFEST unites art professionals, programmers, engineers and media activists all over the world, expands territories and possibilities of contemporary art, intertwining it with various disciplines of science and technology.

As part of an open-call for participation in the CYFEST-13 International Media Art Festival, we received 154 applications from artists and collectives from 27 countries, including South Korea, USA, Mexico, Spain, Egypt, Belarus, Czech Republic, Peru, Iran, Italy, Turkey, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, France, Russia, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, Iran, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, and Macedonia.

The curators of the festival express their deep gratitude to the artists and art collectives for their interest in the festival and high artistic and professional level of applications.

“Today we’re announcing the winners of our international CYFEST-13 open call. Thanks to all the artists who submitted their projects. It was not an easy choice by any means. We have assessed the applications against all relevant criteria. Many of the proposals are worthy of a separate exhibition. In addition to the conceptual framework, we paid attention to the possibility of adapting each project to the festival format. And, of course, when selecting artworks, we took into account how each artist reveals such a broad philosophical topic as Cosmos and Chaos.”

— Elena Gubanova, artist, co-curator of the CYFEST festival

Short List

Marina Alekseeva and Vladimir Rannev (Russia)

Karin Andersen (Italy)

Pedro Fraguela (Spain)

David Hochgatterer (Austria)

Lingdong Huang (China / USA), Ziwei Wu (China / UK)

Daniil Kaminker (Russia / USA)

Damla Kilickiran (Norway)

Anastasia Koroleva (Russia)

Rebecca Merlic (Germany)

Daniela de Paulis (Italy / The Netherlands)

Danita Puskareva (Russia)

Tivon Rice (Netherlands / USA)

Mariateresa Sartori (Italy)

Scenocosme: Gregory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt (France)

Boris Shershenkov (Russia)

Alena Tereshko, Valentina Lutsenko, Vadim Elichev (Russia)

Emilio Vavarella (Italy)

The results of the open call for students will be announced on December 21st.

We will contact each of the open-call winners personally after January 15th.