Colin Rosati – Scalability

Colin Rosati


Video art, 00:03:45

Scalability is a 3:45 minute single channel video piece with no audio. This video is a portrait of two artist Maryna Makarenko and Colin Rosati. Through using accessible imaging tools such as Google Hangouts the artists are able to capture their own portraits. Google Hangouts is a tool in which self-documentation is not the focus of the technology. By mixing non explicit tools as well as simultaneous video cameras Makarenko and Rosati are utilizing imaging technologies that index and image the world- creating unintentional documentation such as data, reflection of the tools used and portraiture. This video explore portraiture in a networked context where lagging internet, miscommunication and the framing of body in relation to the screen is characteristics of the medium. Makarenko and Rosati are using accessible tools to capture gesture, body to screen/camera relationship. The simultaneity of camera depicts the body as fragmented with in physical, virtual and psychological space.