Code for Artists Invites to You Try Ideas Using Web Technologies

In a growing number of resources on art and tech education, one really stand out with its statement that creating problems is at least as interesting as solving them.

Code for Artists is a bunch of files created to try out ideas and techniques using various web-related technologies. Some were created to solve specific problems, others just explore what can be done with some bits of code. As this is a website, most of the samples are built around HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

Lehigh Valley Hackathon 2014 PhotoBot Code for Artists
Lehigh Valley Hackathon 2014 PhotoBot sample from Code for Artists

Miles DeCoster, Code for Artists creator, tried to put all of the necessary code for a sample in the same document, so if you view source you will find the HTML, CSS and JavaScript, or JQuery code. That does not work so well for PHP so there are generally some code snippets on the page or in a separate file to document the PHP code. PHP, of course, needs to be run through a server to function. Also, some examples require multiple documents due to the nature of the projects.

And there is also WordPress version searchable with categories to explore: