New Works by Nam June Paik Are Discovered at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

New works by Nam June Paik are discovered at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, reports Smithsonian Magazine.

Etude 1, 1967- 1968, is a piece of Thermo fax paper with an image that looks like a four-leaf-clover, with four overlapping circles. Each circle has concentric inner circles composed of individual letters of the alphabet. (Nam June Paik Archive; Gift of the Nam June Paik Estate, © Nam June Paik Estate, Smithsonian American Art Museum)

Etude 1 along with the recently recovered TV Clock will debut in the exhibition Watch This! Revelations in Media Art, which opens at the Smithsonian American Art Museum April 24 and runs through September 7, 2015. The show includes works by Cory Arcangel, Hans Breder, Takeshi Murata, Bruce Nauman and Bill Viola, among dozens of others, and will include 16 mm films, computer-driven cinema, closed-circuit installations, digital animation and video games.

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Tessart, a New Place for Art and Technology Opens in St. Petersburg

April 1, Tessart, a new exhibition place for art and technology, opened in St. Petersburg. Located on Karavannaya ulitsa 1, at the city centre, it will focus on promoting emerging artists working with interactive and immersive technologies. See the report from the opening below by CYLAND’s Anton Khlabov.


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CYLAND Reports from Iconomania Exhibition in Paris

CYLAND MediaArtLab artist Alexandra Dementieva shares her video report from Iconomania exhibition that has recently opened at MAIF SOCIAL CLUB in Paris, France. This report is available below:

The exhibition questions the place and the treatment of the image in our contemporary society. It features 18 new media artists curated by Florence Guionneau-Joie. More information at

Iconomania on display at MAIF SOCIAL CLUB in Paris until March 31, 2017.

Resonate 2017 Workshops Announced

Belgrade-based New Media festival Resonate has announced this year’s workshops. Intensive workshops (three days) will start before official opening of the festival, on Monday 17th April and will continue through Wednesday, 19th April. Moderatos and curators of these workshops are Gene Kogan + Andreas Refsgaard, Mimi Onuoha + Surya Mattu, Owen Hindley + David Li + Yuli Levtov i Cedric Flazinski + Julien Gachadoat (N O R M A L S).

Two-days workshops will be placed in main Resonate daily venue – Yugoslav Film Archive aka Kinoteka on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd April, curated by AGF aka Antye Greie, Max Stadler, Joana Moll, Ruairi Glynn, Lubica Drangova and Matej Fandl and Jonas Gruska. Kinoteka is also place for one-day workshops, on Thursday 20thApril, with curators Daniel Temkin, Nick Ward + Paul Stapleton, Martin Schneider, Benjamin Gaulon, Kate Siicho, Pussykrew (Tikul and mi$ gogo) and Mateusz Marpi.

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International Residency Programme Opens at DAS, Northern Ireland

Digital Arts Studios (DAS) is the only organisation in Northern Ireland to offer a residency programme for local and nationally based visual artists who wish to work with digital media and is one of only two organisations in Northern Ireland to offer an international residency programme.

The International Residency programme is open to artists based outside Ireland and the United Kingdom. The next International Residency will run from June to July 2017. The DAS International Residency enables artists to come to Northern Ireland for a 2-month period inorder to develop their artistic practice, encouraged by peer residents, and supported by theresources and facilities of the Digital Arts Studios.

International artists are provided with self-catering shared living accommodation in Belfast, receive astipend of £200 per month and are exempt from residency fees.

Applications open until 31st March 2017. Application form is available at

For more information please contact

CYLAND Reports from Artefacto Expo in Leuven, Belgium

CYLAND MediaArtLab artist Alexandra Dementieva shares a video report from Artefact Expo in Leuven Belgium. Artefact is a themed exhibition and festival on contemporary visual arts, current events and societal challenges. In 2017, Artefact looks at the Act of Magic. What does magic mean today? Which role does it play as a social phenomenon? How is it used as a metaphor? And how do contemporary artists tackle the subject? From poetry to strategy, from magical object to obscure systems, from harmless distraction to manipulation: the artists in The Act of Magic investigate what enchants us today.


Date & Time

February 29-March 9, 2017


Naamsestraat 96 Leuven 3000 Belgium

ROLI Introduces the Next Innovative Music-Making System

ROLI, the team behind innovative music instruments, recently introduced BLOCKS, the most versatile music-making system ever made. BLOCKS is a modular music studio that’s for anyone — from beginners who have never taken a music lesson to pros who want to shape sound in new ways.

You can arrange your Blocks in many configurations to create kits that are perfect for you. The Blocks connect magnetically, so you simply add more Blocks to do more things. BLOCKS is a modular music studio that you build as your skills and interests grow.

BLOCKS lets you make music naturally through intuitive gestures on a touch-sensitive playing surface. Each individual Block fits in your hand or your pocket, and they’re incredibly powerful. Just connect BLOCKS to NOISE, the free iOS app, and you have a wide array of sounds and effects to explore.

Learn more about BLOCKS at

Art Residence in Kronstadt: Open Call for Applications


The North-Western Branch of the State Museum and Exhibition Center “ROSIZO” offers a residence fellowship for national and international artists in Kronstadt in 2017.

Goal: The fellowship aims to strengthen international relations in the field of culture and art, promote contemporary art in Russia and support contemporary art projects.

Invited to participate: Artists working in different media – photography, video art, performance, installation, easel painting and graphics, sculpture, public-art and landscape projects.

Terms: A professional artist is awarded a residency for one month or less, free transfer from the airport/railway station and back. Foreign citizens will receive an official invitation for visa. Organizers do not cover visa and transportation costs, food, working materials, long-distance telephone calls or any other expenses related to the residency and public presentation of the works. Language spoken in the residence is English. Organizers do not provide interpreters for communication outside the Residence.

Evaluation criteria: Organizers will give preference to the artists who will be focus their work on natural and historic landscape of Kronstadt and St.Petersburg and who are ready to make a public presentation of their work during the residency term.

Period of stay: up to one month from March 1 till December 31, 2017.

Application deadline: December 20, 2016.

Application: Applications accepted from artists or artistic groups by email: residence(at) (in English or Russian). The applications will be reviewed by the Residence Board of Experts. The decision of the Board is final and is not subject to review.

The applicants will be informed about the results by email no later than January 20, 2016.

Application form, residency rules and “Frequently Asked Questions” document are free to download here:

1. Application form
2. Residency rules
3. Frequently Asked Questions

About Residence:
About Kronstadt:

Contacts and further information:

Resonate Festival Returns for 2017

Resonate 2017 Facebook Cover Image

Resonate festival – Belgrade’s leading platform for critical debate on art and technology – returns for 2017. Early bird tickets for the sixth edition of the festival taking place in Belgrade between 19th – 22nd April 2017 went on sale Monday 28th November. The festival brings together practitioners from the field of art, design and media theory to engage in critical debate on the intersections of technology and society.

Join more than 70 leading artists, designers and theorists for four days of talks, workshops, panels, live performances, and concerts. This year’s activities include eight 1-Day Workshops (free to ticket holders – Limited to 15 per workshop), highly requested four x 3-day workshops (17 – 19 April), over 20 lectures, panel discussions, screenings and A/V music performances.

For the full list of confirmed artists please visit

CYLAND’s Anna Frants Interviews Carla Gannis for the Lumen Prize Blog

Carla Gannis Selfie Drawings

Carla Gannis received the Lumen Prize 2016 Founder’s Award for the Selfie Drawings, a collection of 52 digital drawings completed over 52 weeks in which “the self” has been performed through drawing, augmented reality, and sharing on social networks. Carla spoke to CYLAND MediaArtLab founder Anna Frants about the project, modern communications and her upcoming solo video exhibition in honor of the 10th anniversary of CYFEST.

The full interview is available from the Lumen Prize blog at

HOLO 2 Magazine – The Future is (Out) Now!

Towering installations visualize scientific data, projectors beam kaleidoscopic animations onto sculptural forms, responsive 3D-printed environments mimic life—as consumer electronics become indistinguishable from science fiction, contemporary artists and designers are prototyping fantastical futures before our very eyes. HOLO, a biannual magazine introduced by CreativeApplications.Net, is a thorough record of timely trends and paradigms, mixing long-form journalism with striking photography in premium print.

From the paradoxical nature of our impending quantum (computing)future to the enduring mystery of the Big Bang; the ideas exploredin HOLO 2 could not be any bigger – and it shows! HOLO 2 contains 236 pages of ‘emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology’.

HOLO 2 CreativeApplications.Net

It’s no surprise that insatiable curiosity mixed with, at times, stubborn determination yielded another beast of a magazine – at 236 pages, HOLO 2 is not only bigger than our first outing; it surpasses it in many ways! CreativeApplications.Net have never worked with so many contributors across such great distances, or dove deeper into the past to understand the present – art and science have come a little closer together again.

Order your copy now at

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Never Run Out of Great Music with Personalized Recommendation System and Deep Learning

Have you recently run out of great music to listen? Machine learning algorithms can help with daily issues too! Acai is an open source project initialised by Berry Labs, is trying to solve the problem of The Tyranny of Choice (a.k.a “Paradox of Choice) to describe the misery of users facing over-abundant choices. In the music area, especially in the age of streaming music, this paradox becomes so significant that it affects every single piece of choice when users try to enjoy music. It’s why this project was born.

Smartphone Headphones

Music recommendation engines are not new to the world. However, most of them are built on music catalog and acoustic fingerprints to generate playlist by similarities on genre, pattern etc. In addition to music data, some solutions leverage social media as well such as celebrities’ posts on Twitter. Adding social media information opens a new window of methodology of determining music preferences. But they are not neutral to the foundation of music appreciation, of which the most important element is the users themselves. The social effects resulted from the social media information lead to bias in music appreciation not only due to the limitation of exposure to music pools – most of the recommended tracks may come from selected lists like Billboard – but also potentially psychological effects such as peer pressure.

Find out more about the project at

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