Block’hood Embarks a Story of Ecology in the Form of a Video Game

Block’hood is a neighborhood-building simulator that celebrates the diversity and experimentation of cities. You will have full access to 90+ building blocks to combine and create unique neighborhoods, and discover the hidden inhabitants of each combination. The game will embark in a story of ecology, understanding how resources are needed to unlock new configurations and allow prosperous neighborhoods. You will need to avoid the decay of your city block by making sure each unit doesn’t run out of resources.

Just as Minecraft has inspired kids to become architects, Block’hood is aims to do develop a generation of urban planners.

Consider what Blocks are necessary for your neighborhood to thrive. There are no boundaries of what you can create! Block’hood has a library of 96 blocks currently, and more are being added constantly.

Each Block you create has Inputs and Outputs. For Example, a tree might need water to create oxygen, and a shop might need consumers to create money. By understanding how each block is dependent on other blocks, you can create a productive network. The game has 20+ resources that are specific to every block, so the amount of relations are enormous!

Block'hood game screenshot

Block’hood has been conceptualized as a collectible card game, where each block introduced to the game affects every other, creating new relations and rendering other blocks more beneficial or obsolete.

Created by Jose Sanchez from Plethora-Project Block’hood now available on Steam Early Access: