AUDINT Explores the Extremes of Sound Art

AUDINT is a unique project in the field of experimental and sonic arts. Originally formatted in 1945 by three ex-members of the Ghost Army, AUDINT currently consists of Toby Heys, Steve Goodman (Kode9), Souzanna Zamfe and Patrick Doan. From the first AUDINT has been conducting research, rituals, and experiments into the opening of the 3rd ear, a dimension that materializes when sound, ultrasound, and infrasound are simultaneously deployed in a precise schema of sequencing, duration, and amplification.

AUDINT’s animated film Delusions of the Living Dead is a sub-chapter of their Martial Hauntology book, which documents Walter Slepian’s 1949 plan to purloin and photograph Jules Cotard’s notebook; a medical document that holds information pertaining to the process and methods required to seed walking corpse syndrome into a subject’s bed of cognition. Martial Hauntology was released in late 2014 as a limited edition of 256 copies. It links the underground groove of the Large Hadron Collider with the vaults of the Bank of Hell; connects the Dead Record Network with the Phantom Hailer; and traces the evolution of the Wandering Soul Tapes to the viral dynamics of the online spectreware named IREX2.

AUDINT has also developed the Colorcoder, an app programmed to sonically decrypt covert messages composed by Ellsworth Kellyin his 1951 painting Colors for a Large Wall. The information embedded within the artwork relates directlyto Kelly’s service within the Ghost Army during WW2 and more specifically to the sonic deception formulas and techniques they composed during this period.

AUDINT Colorcoder Sonic Decryption App

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