Artforum Mentions CYFEST in its Review of Bogota’s Leading Art Events

Artforum, an international magazine and website specializing in contemporary art, reviews Bogotá’s leading art spaces and events including El Salón de Ocio y la Fantasía (SOFA), a place for the 10th CYFEST’s Digital Media Program. The full text of an article is available from Artforum’s website.

Artforum Bogota
Left: Alarcón Criado Gallery’s Julio Criado, curator Carolina Castro, Artishock’s Alejandra Villasmil, ArteBA’s Amalia Curutchet, and Malba’s Lucrecia Palacios. Right: Artist Anna Frants, curator Leah Stuhltrager, and mapping programmer Olivia Jackson. All photos: Alex Fialho.

The 10th CYFEST opened in Bogota October 27, 2016. Its “Digital Revolution” Media Program has been accompanied by the new artwork “No. 0” from CYLAND founder and CYFEST curator Anna Frants.

At SOFA, the structural framework of “No. 0” has been built on site at Corferias prior to the event’s opening. Throughout the first two days of SOFA, the many visual components of the artwork has been placed, moved, and connected to the structural framework in a collaboration between representatives of CYLAND and visitors to SOFA. At SOFA, “No. 0” is equal parts new media art installation and social practice “intervention”.

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