Anna Frants Reports from Future Mind International Symposium in London

After speaking at the Digitally Engaged Learning Conference, Anna Frants attends Future Mind International Symposium in London. Co-organized by Kyoto University & Goldsmiths University of London, the symposium gathers artists and scientists to discuss art and technology in the future.

Future Mind International Symposium takes place on September 18 at the Stuart Hall Building, Goldsmith, University of London. It covers the themes of art, science, future technology, VR and psychology, with sessions on:

  • Art of Future, Future City and Looking for Japan
  • Communication of the Future, Vision and Mind
  • VR Art and Imaging of the Future
  • AI, Art Critic of the Future
  • Future Mind

It’s worth mentioning that opening remarks and a session on VR art is given by artist and professor William Latham, who presented one of his mesmerising works Mutator VR at CYFEST10 and HYBRIS exhibitions organised by CYLAND MediaArtLab.


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