Anna Frants Reports from Fred Forest’s Exhibition at Centre Pompidou, Paris

Anna Frants shares her report of the recently visited exhibition devoted to Fred Forest at Centre Pompidou, Paris. Fred Forest, a French new media artist, is especially dear to us as an ever-inspiring CYFEST (CYBERFEST) participant. View the report below:


2017_07_11_exb_forest_10 copy
Fred Forest with Bernard Blistène, Director of the Department of Cultural Development at the Centre Pompidou
Fred Forest with Anna Frants and Alexandra Dementieva

Fred Forest is “media-man” and pioneer of a participatory, sociological art based on the use of modern and contemporary tools of communication takes up the notion of “territory” to organise a survey of his work as a whole. It is modelled on the narrative of his Territoire du m² artistique, created in 1977 – the same year as the Centre Pompidou – which follows the artist’s trajectory from his screen-paintings and other spaces to be filled in to his media-critical actions-performances on territories both local and planetary. Inhabiting a space between the real and the imaginary, the exhibition presents for the first time a selection of archive documents and previously unseen works, offering visitors an opportunity to discover or find out more about the career of this self-taught artist, pursued outside the institutions – 40 years of agitation and commitment!

Visit the exhibition

12 July 2017 – 28 August 2017
from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Forum -1 – Centre Pompidou, Paris