Anna Frants – Reflection on Life No. 125082

Anna Frants, CYLAND MediaArtLab
Robotics and computer programming by Alexey Grachev
Installation, 2013
Metallic Conveyor Belt, 3D Print, Arduino, Hand-knitting

It’s been said that Yuz Aleshkovsky created the following schedule for his son’s edification:

8:00 To wake up
8:05 To brush your teeth
8:15 To reflect on life
8:30 To have breakfast
And so on…

In the work “Reflection on Life No. 125082”, the numbering is provisional; let’s say that it starts from the date of birth No. 0, and the image in the reflection on live No. 1 should probably be seen upside down, the way a baby is supposed to see it…

Do the “exercises of reflection on life” make us better, wiser or kinder? I don’t know. Let’s leave this to the son of Aleshkovsky.

I still think that the “Reflection on Life No. 1” is akin to the “Reflection on Life No. 125082”; needless to say, this is true if one doesn’t delve into the RULES OF THE GAME that by now have been committed to memory.

Anna Frants