Anna Frants and Alexandra Dementieva to take part in ‘ARTPLATFORM ON’ multilateral platform network in Gwangju, South Korea.

Alexandra Dementieva, Brussels. Re-lighting, 2021. Mixed media. Object made of recycled LED.
Alexandra Dementieva, Brussels. Re-lighting, 2021.

The CYLAND Media Art Lab founding director, curator, and artist Anna Frants and CYLAND’s creative adviser and multimedia artist Alexandra Dementieva will take part in an exhibition and a panel discussion next week as part of ‘ARTPLATFORM ON’ multilateral network in Gwangju, South Korea. 

«In the non-contact era after the COVID-19, a new way is being required for the culture and art exchanges. I proposed to construct an online multinational and multilateral platform network as an alternative to uncertain on-the-spot exchanges. 

Through the joint public-private cooperation from five countries, we will share contemporary discourse on both art and the current situation of each country for five years, and communicate and connect art sites around the world, like a web, by restoring contemporary art values and expanding each country’s online exchange cooperation. 

In the first year of the ‘ARTPLATFORM ON’, we start the online exhibition and conference. The organizers from the five countries participate in the project to form the communication & archiving space for exhibitions, creations, research, education, and conferences. We aim to organize exhibitions and conferences and share and promote each country’s events, associated websites, and networks.» — Jungsuk Noh, the president of the International Visual Culture & Arts Association. 

The exhibition features new works by Anna Frants and Alexandra Dementieva, showcasing their distinct yet complementary practices that fall under the theme of the «Art Intersection & Environment». The «Made in Ancient Greece» series by Anna Frants is a journey through an imaginary time represented by classical forms, historical images, and creative associations. The «Re-lighting» series by Alexandra Dementieva is a light city map made from recyclable LED strips, poignant and beautiful, they remind us of both the passage of time and the places we love and live in. 

The exhibition opening will be followed by the ‘Art Bridge, Related to Earth Environment’ panel discussion, featuring Yujin Lee (South Korea), Nataliya Kamenetskaya (Israel), Solongo Tseekhuu (Mongolia), Alexandra Dementieva (Belgium), and Galina Bleikh (Israel).

«We are going to discuss how the adaptation of the artists and the values will differ from now as the relationship between the earth and the environment are keep changing, which influences contemporary art. Moreover, this conference will be time well spent since we would keep questioning the way international artistic exchange should go out in the context of national-regional politics, society, economy, and culture, based on our focus on the purpose of this ARTPLATFORM ON,» said Alexandra Dementieva, multimedia artist, and CYLAND’s creative adviser. 


Art Intersection, the Art Platform-ON Project 2022 

Art & Environment=CROSSING


November 8—16, 2022

Opening Party

November 8, 2022


Miro Center, Gallery Saeng-gak Sang-Ja, Chonnam National University Museum, LEELEENAM Studio

Hosted by International Visual Culture Art Association

Supported by Gwangju Metropolitan City


Art Bridge, Related to Earth Environment


November 9, 2022 



Miro Center, 2nd Floor