Anisimov, Zhukova, Lysenko – Toward the Past

Alexander Anisimov, Tatiana Zhukova, Margorita Lysenko

Toward the Past

00:02:41, Video (FHD)

Recording Architecture is an educational project of the Hermitage Youth Center within the exhibition “Golden Generation. Modernism in Finnish Architecture and Design’” (The State Hermitage, 14th of November 2015 till 31st of January 2016). The project is dedicated to the modernist architecture that is represented by the unique buildings of St. Petersburg and Vyborg. The participants of the project perceived in their own manner the atmosphere of the places visited. As a result each team created their own short film about one of the five unique examples of modernist architecture. Personal stories told using the modern era format – video, brings to life the buildings of the bygone generation.

Curators: Elizaveta Kaluzhskaia, Artemy Baranov

In our video we intended to show the contrast between the past and the present. Between the expectations of that time set for the building of The Research  and Design Institute, science, space and the country on the whole and the present day realities. At the same time we wanted to emphasize that the future of Savin’s tower is not necessarily grim – at the end of the film we see the glimpse of hope  of it coming back to its former important mission. What happens inside the tower nowadays? What kind of activities is performed, if any? What do people think  about while passing by the building? How will it be used in future?

In order to reveal the atmosphere of this place and to show our idea as well we’ve used contrast cut and contraposition to nature, Soviet period look in the end  and current shooting. During the montage work we were trying to add the vibe  of the building’s surrounding with smooth transitions and prolonged static scenes.