Andrey Rudyev CV

Andrey Rudyev  graduated from the Mukhina Leningrad Higher School of Art and Industry, taught at the department of monumental and decorative painting of the St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design, worked as an artist at the Lenfilm studio, took part in many exhibitions. Everyone remembers his penguins that ran from the Arctic and Antarctic Museum around St. Petersburg , Antarctic Mission, the Pro Arte Institute festival and the series of monumental panels on special material (ruberoid).

Andrey Rudyev says that his first creative practices were directed at realistically portraying objects. He was fanatically devoted to realistic painting. However, as soon as he mastered his artistic skills, his views changed. In his individual preferences, he moved on from the Russian academic artists to the German classic artists of the twentieth century such as Joseph Beuys and Anselm Kiefer, and the contemporaries, Jonathan Meese and Daniel Richter.

Lives and works in St.Petersburg, Russia