Andrew Demirjian – A Week in Review

Andrew Demirjian, CYLAND MediaArtLab
Installation, 2010

A Week in Review Andrew Demirjian

“Week in review” – is an interactive audio-visual installation, consisting of complex musical set with projection of “notes”. Three groups, visible on the screen – are three most powerful companies in music industry, characterized by specific sound, made by author.

Growth of those companies’ securities quotation influences pitch of played sound. So, anyone can create a melody of present moment or play any day of the week by setting it on the installation control equipment.

Work by Andrew Demirjian underlines relationships between music and money in the industry, by identifying music as a next speculative good.

“A week in review” was developed during author’s stay at the CYLAND MediaArtLab residence in St.Petersburg, in 2010.