Alexandra Dementieva’s Installation at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre

Alexandra Dementieva’s installation “Drama House. St. Petersburg” was on display at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre October 29 and 30, 2016 in St. Petersburg. The free evente also presented work created by artists and educators, participating in New Media Lab program, including Anton Iakhontov, Oleg Sysoev, Olga Ionina, and others.

Drama House Dementieva

“Drama House” is based on chance and the choices that viewers make, the project explores the contemporary trends in the construction of a narrative and the interplay between diverse informative sub-layers effected through the impact of digital, non-linear media. It also questions the very process of story telling and at the same time considers the way of audience reading. It investigates the differences of individual and collective perception. In other words, the sequence and choices that each viewer selects reflect his own perspectives and behavioral patterns, thus makes the viewer much more than an active participant.

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