Alex Antipin – Noise of the City

Alex Antipin

Noise of the City

1920×1080, 3.54”

Impressed by visit of the Central Astronomical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences at Pulkovo and by classical soviet fantastic movies (“The Andromeda Nebula”, “Planet of the Storms”) St. Petersburg artist Alexander Antipin has decided to create a project “The Noise of the City”. The starting idea was that the Pulkovo is not only scientific and technical complex for observing stars, but also a great panoramic point from which the whole city can be seen at glance. The artist shows this place as kind of zero zone, which combines two noises. The first one is the noise of outer space, of the universe, of stars and thermal radiation. The second one is the noise of the city including the planes, cars, radio, radars, television, internet, mobile phones and people.