Alena Tereshko – Field

Alena Tereshko


16×9, 1920x1080p, H.264, HD


Drawing herself without a mirror, a camera or any other equipment, the artist makes a play of perspectives open to her own view only, wherein the author’s personality stays“off ­screen”, invisible for viewers. “Field” is a variability, multiplicity. The field looks like a black hole, endless, ever­ expanding, but with boundaries (which only itself is aware of).

You can find a field anywhere. It is a basic concept. In the art world, we deal with models of a field – canvas or plane in a broad sense, with a screen which is a plane, too, but endued with time, with space (in music, sculpture, architecture), with text field. All these models refer us to the original which they are in a sense.

Roaming a field, we may run into a hole, then a hill, we may see a buttercup, then a rib grass. Virtually, they are all the same and they belong to the same field.

“I look for a picture in video, I try to make the picture be a photograph, drawings be video,etc.”