AI, VR and Robotics in the Arts Symposium and Competition


8th September 2022
Goldsmiths College, London

Goldsmiths Computing, supported by the Alan Turing Institute, presents the latest applications of artificial intelligence to creativity in a one-day symposium and exhibition — including talks by invited speakers from the worlds of computing, visual arts, creative writing, computer games, robotics, VR and AR. 

The symposium will also host the inaugural AI Open Art Competition open to AI Artists and programmers online around the globe 

This year, the founder and curator of the CYLAND MediaArtLab, Anna Frants, will become a jury member of the competition, and will also make a presentation at the symposium.

The first Creative Machine Exhibition was launched in October 2014 at Goldsmiths at the Hatcham Gallery, with the aim of hosting a major exhibition exploring the twilight world between human and machine creativity, including technology / art installations, video and computer art, artificial intelligence, robotic art and Apps by leading artists linked to Goldsmiths and international artists by invitation. The core underlying idea was could a machine replace the human artist? and if not could the machine be an effective creative partner to the artist? 

In 2018 The Creative Machine 2 Exhibition at The Hatcham Gallery was held which continued the core themes of CM1 in collaboration with CYLAND working with Curators and Artists Anna Frants and Elena Gubanova.