20th Anniversary CYNETART 2016 Call for Entries

CYNETART 2016 Call for Entries

Every two years, the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau (TMA) and their partners write out the international CYNETART Competition. The historically important Festspielhaus HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts, Dresden offers the CYNETART international festival for computer based art an extraordinary venue for public presentations and the performance of inter- and trans-disciplinary media art investigations.

You’re invited to propose your installation, sculpture and performance projects, expanded media works, AV concerts or net art projects. All award-winning works will be presented in the exhibition of CYNETART Festival. An international jury selects the project submissions for the award of the CYNETART Competition.

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the CYNETART international festival for computer based art in November 10th – 16th is held at its main venue HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts, Dresden and many satellite venues around the city. 20 years of CYNETART festival is the reflection of the zeitgeist, the presentation of artistic quality and an invitation to the audience to discover something new.

Concept for CYNETART 2016 explores what is the unique substance and justification of the term new media art. The discourse of the creative industry today will be obsolete tomorrow. Hence, artists working with new technology are presented with a recurrent dilemma. Ever progressing, this technology is a tremendous area to explore but could be a form of entrapment as well. Seemingly compelling at its time of premiere, many of these types of works may outlive their temporary quality as obsolete as their accompanying discourses. One way to address these aesthetic dilemmas is to explore technology addressing and breaking its core: its inherent boundaries, instead of promoting the promise or more common expectations of the industry. Craft is as essential as intuition, and it is this embodied process that leads to uncanny work.

The focus for this year’s theme wishes to extend our ambitions beyond just visualizing the “new knowing” or responding to topical subjects. It is a common misunderstanding to assume that a work of art is already relevant just because its topic is. A creation is not already art because it is “interesting” and art it is not harmless. As CYNETART jury states, art with new media is – like every form of art – about Enigma not about NVIDIA.

More details on how to submit your enigmatic work at CYNET 2016 Call for Entries page. Deadline is May 1, 2016.