1/1 QUARANTINE NOTES: A New Release by CYLAND Sound Art Program

4 CAA—50
5 CAA—50
3 CAA—50
6 CAA—50
7 CAA—50

CYLAND MediaArtLab is proud to present 1/1 QUARANTINE NOTES, an experimental album released as a result of the 1/1 competition for sound artists.

Release Date: February 2021

Mastering: Kurt Liedwart

Design: SETKA design

Electronic version: https://cyland.bandcamp.com/album/caa-50

Artists: Nikita Bugaev, Anastasia Koroleva, Boris Shershenkov, Castle In Time Orchestra, Evgeny Khlopotov, Evgeny Markov, Ludovic Finck, Helga Zinzyver, Ekaterina Shelganova, Alina Kugusheva, Julia Giertz and William Rickman, Marina Karpova, Ivan Belov, Simon Cacheux, Tori Morgunova, Ilia Belorukov, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Hans Tammen, Olga Kokcharova, Ilia Douganov. 

«It was very interesting to see / hear how sound artists around the world carried out the spring 2020 quarantine. When the madness of the first wave of COVID-19 took us all by surprise, when all possible rhythms of life were disrupted, we felt it was important to support sound artists in every possible way.

The work on the double CD is complete. Here you will find the winners of the open-call initiated by CYLAND in the midst of a pandemic and quarantine restrictions. The first volume is the album “Te” by the winner of the competition Nikita Bugaev, the second part of the release is a compilation from the works of those who were included in the shortlist. Join a virtual tour of the sound artists’ workshops!».

— Sergey Komarov, CYLAND Curator

The open competition was announced in April 2020. Its purpose is to support Russian and international sound artists during the pandemic, and also to study the processes taking place in the art world under quarantine, to take a look at the work going on in self-organized home “workshops” all over the world. Over 140 applications were received from 75 authors from Russia, France, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, India, the USA and Germany. More information here

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